Maybe Someday

Do you ever feel like you are living life in a perpetual state of “maybe someday”? As in, “maybe someday I’ll do this…maybe someday I’ll do that…” Maybe someday I’ll post more regularly to this, my little corner of the internets. Until that day, the sporadic posts of present day will have to do.

Things have been fantastic, but super busy. DB took a trip to Palm Beach on a boys golf weekend and (accidentally I’m sure) forgot to bring me with him!

Last weekend we were booked back-to-back with activity after activity…concerts, derby days, dinners with fun friends, brunches, etc. You know, the general life of leisure type stuff. All of the activities were fun, but the outdoor-oriented events would have been so much MORE enjoyable had Atlanta weather not decided to take a trip back to the winter days of chilly, wind and rain. Yuck. Regardless, it was such a fun weekend, but at the end of it I felt like I needed a weekend to recover from my weekend.

All is good, just figured I’d give a half-hearted attempt at an update. Also, what would a blog post be without a really cute picture of Henry and one of his best buds, Otis.

Henry and Otis


DB’s Birthday Weekend!

So, last year all the plans that I made for DB’s birthday weekend went awry due to his work schedule. It was so frustrating, so this year I vowed that nothing would thwart the celebration of the big 3-3 for him! Plus, we had so much to celebrate this year–what with his recent departure from a job that his heart wasn’t in and his recent relocation to the peach state and all! We were in a partying frame of mind.

A few months back I contacted his mom, dad and brother to see if they would be up for helping me pull off a surprise weekend for him. Being the wonderful people that they are, they were, so we began our plotting. I was so pleased with how the entire weekend played out–it was one surprise after another for him. Just when he thought all the surprises were finished…BAM…another one came along. I live for stuff like that. It made me (and more importantly him) so very happy. Here is how the weekend went down…

Saturday (4/6):

DB’s parents were flying in from Baton Rouge and his brother was coming in from Houston. I kind of botched the initial surprise plan because I was so preoccupied getting things for his party later that night. The original story was that we were meeting some of my “friends” that I wanted him to meet for lunch at a place in the neighborhood, but then I realized we would get to the restaurant and he would see my parents/brother…so I changed course and told him that my “friends” had to cancel, but my parents had been shopping in the area and wanted to meet us (coincidentally, at the same restaurant…how CONVENIENT), but he went with it and didn’t ask too many questions. I was grateful for that.

ADDED BONUS: One of DB’s closest friends from West Point + family were driving through Atlanta that day for other reasons (he was coming in town for the final four, while his wife and three young boys were headed on to Hilton Head). DB kept saying he was going to have to leave lunch to go and pick up his friend, meanwhile I had been in touch with said friend and knew that he was going to meet us at the lunch spot. This is the only place in the entire surprise process where things got a little hairy because DB could not understand why I was borderline dismissive of the notion that he might have to go and pick up his friend. LOLs were shared when the real plan was revealed, so all was well.

In the middle of lunch his mom, dad and brother walk into the restaurant. SURPRISE # 1…your family is here to celebrate your birthday with you! I think he was surprised and I was happy that at least one of the proverbial cats was out of its proverbial bag.

Surprise # 2 was initially intended to be a surprise, but ended up being too difficult to keep under wraps. I had planned on throwing him an actual surprise party with friends and family at my house that Saturday evening, but then I realized it would be pretty tricky to pull off a party at a house where he was staying. The “surprise” part of Saturday evening was really that he didn’t know who all was coming and that I potentially went a little over the top in the details of the party (i.e. until recently we were still drinking water from water bottles adorned with labels reading, “Happy Birthday DB!”). The whole party was a labor of love and I had an absolute blast pulling it all together. I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked of the party decor and such, but that was because I was too busy having such a wonderful time with all of the guests that were able to join us. The weather was perfect and we had such a fun night celebrating!

DB birthday 2

Birthday spread…excuse the mess in the backyard. I made the banner from printables which was surprisingly easy! I also LOVED the roll of disposable chevron paper I got from Swoozie’s which I used as a table runner!

DB birthday 3

Dessert Table…Red Velvet Cake (Costco), Death by Chocolate (Mom made, people loved…I’ll get the recipe and share), and cake pops that I made (wasn’t TOO difficult, just a lot of steps and takes some time)

DB birthday 4

Some of the details…the water bottle labels were fun printables I found on Etsy!

Sunday (4/7)

DB’s actual birthday! We woke up and went to brunch at my Mom’s and then the boys (my Dad, his Dad, his bro, my bro, our roomie/friend) were off to golf! My Dad hosted everyone at his country club and I think a good time was had by all.

DB birthday 5

Golf posse…how cute are they?!

After golf we met up with them where I gave DB his final birthday present/surprise….a ticket for Monday’s practice round at the Master’s. We had worked it out so that he would be going with my Dad, his Dad and his brother! Any of you that know DB know that he is an absolute golf fanatic (in fact, since he moved South I am pretty sure that the television hasn’t moved from the Golf channel once and he’s either played/hit the range pretty much every single day since he got here…yeah, he’s a fan). This surprise was probably the most difficult for everyone to keep because once he was aware that his brother and Dad were in town, it was challenging not to  make references to the grand finale of the weekend that was planned for Monday! He was surprised and VERY happy…the look on his face in the pictures below says it all to me!

DB birthday

Surprise! You are going to the Master’s tomorrow!

He described his first trip to Augusta National in the following way: “I felt like a 13-year-old girl at a Justin Bieber concert.” And let me tell you…the boy hit the gift shop at the tournament and he hit it HARD. Who knew that one needed three Master’s visors, several Master’s shirts, Master’s notecards, Master’s bag tags, Master’s towels…you get the idea. Needless to say, he’s good to go on Master’s gear for a while. It made me SO happy to surprise him with something so cool…getting to walk on the grounds of Augusta National for the first time is pretty special, especially when you get to go with other golf fanatics in your family!

The entire weekend is a top contender for one of my favorites ever. Everything worked out so perfectly and it was so nice to be able to celebrate such an exciting time (the end of the NYC chapter, beginning of the ATL one) with some of the people we love the most.

Dan Birthday

Happy Birthday, DB! Just when I think I couldn’t love you more…another day comes along and I definitely do! Thanks for being born!

Happy Master’s Weekend!


Bubba Watson’s son, Caleb

Master’s weekend is such a fun one! Growing up it reminds me of going out to my father’s country club to hit the driving range or play a round and seeing all of the men crowded around the television watching the tournament in the pro shop. When I lived in NYC and Master’s weekend rolled around, I would get a strange mix of deep homesickness and Georgia pride. Those beautiful azaleas, magnolia trees and that perfect Georgia sunshine were a not-so-gentle reminder that while I was typically still wearing my heaviest coat and wondering if winter would ever go away, springtime was in full bloom back home. I must say that it feels good to be back in the South where I belong. It feels even better to have DB here with me now.

Speaking of DB, his new Atlanta lifestyle seems to be agreeing with him. He played 18 holes of golf on Wednesday, 36 yesterday, will play 36 today and 18 tomorrow. Somebody is, as they say, in his element.

Happy weekend!

Still Alive

I’m here, but have had ZERO time for catching up with the trivially significant rundown of my life. DB is OFFICIALLY an Atlanta resident and I absolutely LOVE having him here. Something as simple as a conversation we had earlier today about dinner and what we wanted to do for it makes me SO happy…I never want to take that for granted. This past weekend we celebrated his arrival in Atlanta AND his 33rd birthday which was on Sunday (more on that later). It was an amazing weekend, but one I am still recovering from. I promise to give the full recap when I emerge from this post-awesome-weekend zombie haze. Until then, I leave you with a picture of Henry looking cute on our patio furniture post-party on Saturday night. Patio furniture is HERE and officially Henry-approved.

Henry Patio

Thatched huts do not a vacation make…

So, DB is quite literally off the grid. He and a few of his college buddies have ventured off to surf camp in Panama. Now, surf camp seems to be trending a lot these days. My brother went to surf camp in Costa Rica after the holidays and, based on the pictures, it appears that it was a lovely place. Almost resort-like. I assumed that DB’s surf camp would be very similar. I assumed wrong. DB’s surf camp is located on a deserted island, in the middle-of-nowhere Panama, in the jungle. Granted, the pictures that I was able to track down on the website of the beaches/natural environment look pretty awesome, but I would describe the accommodations as rustic at best.

I freaked out earlier in the week because I wasn’t aware (nor was he I don’t think) just how completely OFF the grid he would be. As in no phone, no email, and a strong possibility that there isn’t even a local carrier pigeon in the area. When I didn’t hear from him after he said he would be in touch, I was 100% certain that he had been a) eaten by a shark or b) captured by a local tribe and held for ransom (have I mentioned that I have a VERY active imagination that can, at times, be my best friend or my own worst enemy?) After another 24 hours, I had reasoned myself to a place where I accepted that I would likely be aware if anything terrible had happened and he was probably in a location without the comforts of modern living. Yesterday he was finally able to venture from “camp” to an area with a wireless internet connection/spotty cell phone service to contact his neurotic girlfriend and assure her that all was well. My favorite part of his email was as follows: “We are having a great time. Great surfing, great crew. We are basically on a deserted island with a few thatched roof huts. So cool.”

I was tickled by the last part of his email in particular–thatched roof huts…so cool. I find this entertaining only because if the email was in reverse (from me to him), my message would likely be along these lines…”deserted island, thatched roof huts, SEND HELP IMMEDIATELY.”

I am sure he is in his element out there being one with nature and stuff, and I am so happy to hear that he is having a wonderful time. I am also EXTREMELY grateful that he has a wonderful group of guy friends to take these sorts of adventures with because there is no chance that “thatched huts” will ever willingly be in my vacation vocabulary (unless the word “luxury” is strategically placed somewhere in the same sentence). I’m a self-admitted wuss and I am okay with that.

Tahoe Trip

Last long-winded, life-documenting post coming right up. Thanks for sticking with me (Mom) on these 🙂

So right after Christmas, we traveled to Tahoe for a ski vacay with two of our buddies, M & J. M had “won” a condo a few years ago (read: made a rather generous and alcohol-fueled bid during a silent auction, which some say he did in an effort to impress Miss J during the woo-ing phase of their relationship…apparently this worked like a charm as they have been dating several years) and decided it was time to cash in on his prize. The house was located in North Tahoe and was very convenient to several awesome ski resorts (Squaw, NorthStar, etc).

I grew up skiing, but hadn’t actually been since I was a freshman in college. I was really nervous about the rust factor and holding everyone back since DB, J and M are all excellent skiers. Thankfully, skiing really is like riding a bike because the second I locked into my bindings and started down the hill towards the lift, I was completely comfortable.

We skied several resorts while we were there: Diamond Peak on the first day (good local spot, we only did a 1/2 day on the first day because renting skis/boots took some time, plus we didn’t want to exhaust ourselves), NorthStar (our favorite by far, we ended up skiing two days here) and Squaw (was a little disappointed in the Squaw experience, had heard such great things). The fact that Squaw fell slightly short of expectations could have had something to do with the fact that we skied there on our third day, and by that time the shin-burn (look it up, it is a technical term) that I had from having boots that didn’t fit me properly was out of control. I thought I was going to have to take it into the lodge for the day on the first run because the pain was excruciating, but I powered through and am no worse for the wear because of it.

Our time spent skiing was so fun, but let’s be honest, one of the best parts of the entire ski trip experience is always the apres ski scene + dinner. This was another reason NorthStar is so awesome…you just ski right down the main run of the resort and it takes you straight to the village, which is full of restaurants and bars. Our favorite spot was a wine bar that was in a relatively quiet part of the village, so we apres skied at that spot both days we were there.

For dinner, we decided ahead of time to do two dinners out and two dinners in. Our first night we made tacos and I don’t even remember if any of us actually ate any because we were so tired. I think we were all in bed by 8 pm that night. The second night we had an awesome dinner out at this spot, which I would highly recommend if you ever find yourself in the area. The third night we ate here, which is another great spot. On our third night, the wheels kind of came off a bit and we found ourselves too tired and headache-ridden the next day to even think about hurling ourselves down a mountain. Day three was a “movie” day for us.

The final night for all four of us together was NYE night, so we cooked a delicious meal and kept it pretty low key. The next day J&M left, but DB and I stayed one more day and skied NorthStar for our second time. The worst part of a ski trip (for me at least) is that last run on that last day when you know it will be awhile before you have the opportunity to do it all again.

I had an incredible time on the trip. Tahoe is SUCH a beautiful part of the country, and I would imagine that a trip to the area would be just as amazing in the off-ski season. So much beauty and nature to take in. I also loved spending time with DB, J and M…I felt like I spent most of the trip laughing until my abs hurt. It was really, really hard to put that week in the rear-view mirror and return back to reality, but I do hope that we can make an annual ski pilgrimage a regular thing in the years to come.

Now for a barrage of pictures…

Copy (2) of Dan and Lyndsey Diamond Peak

First day at Diamond Peak with an INCREDIBLE view of the Lake in the background.


Obligatory chair-lift selfie

Copy of Team at North Star

Team taking it in for apres ski at NorthStar on Day Two

Christmas Tree Pic

After a delicious meal at Lone Eagle Grill

Copy (2) of Green Glasses 1

The night the “wheels came off” a bit

Copy (2) of Dan and Mike in hats

“Are these hats?”

NYE 2012
Copy of Silly String 1

The boys thought a surprise-attack with silly string at midnight was an awesome idea…until they were still picking little pieces out of the carpet an hour later…

Sparklers 1

Sparklers are tough to light with the light mountain breeze, just a note for future reference.

Sparklers 2

HAPPY 2013

Henrys Don’t Do Mornings

Well, at least Henrys don’t do EARLY mornings. After my almost two-week hiatus from my morning workouts, I finally got back on track this morning. Typically, Henry kind of snoozes while I put my gym clothes on, but hops off the bed ready to go downstairs with me when I head that way. This morning, however, he groggily lifted his head, gave me a look that said “you have got to be kidding me”, and rolled back over on his side for more snoozing. I guess his little body clock hasn’t adjusted to the time change yet either! It cracked me up, but I happily indulged the little guy, tucked some blankets around him so he was nice and snug and turned the lamp off before I headed off to the gym.

I have to say, getting back into my normal morning routine of Crossfit, healthy breakfast, non-hurried hour to decompress before work has made me feel SO much better. I have more energy today than I have had in awhile. I guess there is something to this whole “balanced living” thing.

Henry Morning

This was taken a few months ago, but he’s always preferred a cozy bed to the cool morning air. Can’t say I blame him for that…

Spring Done Sprang

Been awhile since I posted…again!

Here is what you missed:

-DB visited ATL for the last time before he officially becomes a resident. This is very exciting stuff. He will be here the first week of April and I cannot wait.

-While he was in town, we caught up with some friends and celebrated both of my parents and their birthdays. It was so nice to get a glimpse of weekend life once we are both back in the same city again.

-Last week, after he left, I came down with a lovely case of the flu. That was a pretty big bummer, thus nothing eventful happened to report other than I tried NOT to spend half of the day curled in the fetal position whimpering. It was pretty pathetic actually.

-I recovered towards the end of the week, but still kept it pretty low key over the weekend. I did venture out on Saturday night with my brother and some friends, only to pull an old-lady 11 pm exit move. I thought to myself, “awesome, I’ll be in bed by midnight, up early, etc. etc….” only to be thwarted by daylight savings time. I love the extra hour of daylight, but it is Tuesday and I’m still completely out of sorts from the schedule change.

-Being sick last week + daylight savings time are the excuses I’m going with for why I haven’t been to Crossfit in like a week. I’m dreading when I do finally suck it up and go, hopefully sooner rather than later.

-Sunday was absolutely GORGEOUS here…hello 70 degrees and sunshine. Haven’t seen actual “springtime” weather in years, as NYC generally opts to participate in spring for like a week in May/June before diving full speed ahead into summer. Henry and I took advantage of the glorious day by meeting friends for a puppy playdate. Life is good.

That pretty much sums it up. Riveting stuff, huh?

Henry Spring

NYC Restaurants: Blue Hill

Blue Hill is definitely in the top three of most amazing restaurants I’ve ever been to ever. It might even be the top. It was that good. DB and I had a gift certificate that our sweet friends gave us that we have been meaning to use (thanks A + S), so we figured that a Wednesday night when I happened to be in town for work was as good an excuse as any! We were kind of celebrating the fact that we’ve come full circle.

You see, DB had a big day yesterday. After almost two years in a job that he knew in his bones wasn’t the right fit for him, he gave his two weeks notice. He’ll be leaving at the end of the month, moving to Atlanta and pursuing a very exciting opportunity down here. I am so happy for him and for “us” (bye-bye long distance), but I’m also so incredibly proud of him for taking a leap of faith towards something that excites him and makes him want to get out of bed and go to work in the morning. He deserves that.

Anyway, I made reference to our celebration of coming full circle because I remember having one of our very first dinner dates at another awesome restaurant (Commerce–located on THE most idyllic street in all of the W. Village) after his very first day of work nearly two years ago. Neither of us knew all of the amazing things or the challenges that the next year and a half would bring, but we were happy where we were. Cut to Wednesday night where we toasted the amazing things that our time in NYC brought each of us, all the lessons we’ve learned while living here, and the countless adventures we have had together over the past two-ish years. We celebrated the closing of a chapter for him professionally and the exciting things that are to come. I could have never predicted all of the things that have unfolded in the past year or so, but I can say that one thing is consistent relative to our first dinner date: we are still very happy to be right where we are.

Ok, ok…enough deep thoughts on coming full circle, let’s talk about the food. It was unreal. I am TERRIBLE at providing descriptions of food….in fact, I can’t even remember what the appetizer we had was called and it isn’t on the menu because I think it was a special, but I can tell you that the food and service at Blue Hill is out of control. It is definitely a nice restaurant, but one that comes without the stuffy service so characteristic at other fine dining establishments. Our waitress genuinely tried to suggest some of her favorites (and tried NOT to list everything on the menu as being delicious, which I am sure was a challenge). The portions were just the right size. Everything was awesome. I had the Raven and Boar Pig with root vegetables and brussel sprouts in a horseradish sauce that was so incredibly light, it was almost a vinaigrette. Dan had the grass-fed lamb with the most incredible beets I have ever tasted. For dessert, we opted for the traditional chocolate bread pudding and I have never in my life tasted caramel that good. I would venture to say that you literally can’t go wrong with anything that you order there. If you live in the city or find yourself traveling there in the coming months, make a reservation for Blue Hill immediately. I would also REALLY love to try Blue Hill at Stone Bars, which is outside of the city. I’ve heard that it is equally incredible.

It was a fun and very quick trip to NYC which included decently decadent meals out both nights (relative to what my weeknight dinner menu typically entails), a busy work schedule, and time to catch up with some friends. I loved being up there, but I have to say, I was pretty glad to get home. As I have mentioned, I am gradually starting to get settled into a routine in Atlanta. I get a lot more sleep, workout almost every morning and generally live a more balanced life than I ever did in NYC. When I got back last night I was SO worn out that I went to bed around 8 pm. I guess I just can’t hang with the city pace like I used to 🙂

Catch Up

Man, I’m way behind on this whole “trying to post more regularly” thing. Apologies.

I guess work has been busy and I’ve just been doing my thing. The days pretty much feel like Groundhog day, but not in a negative sense. Wake up, Crossfit, fix a healthy breakfast, work for hours on end, home, bed. I’ve been trying to connect with old and new friends alike here in Atlanta in the name of NOT being a social hermit, so that has been a bright spot in the day-to-day stuff.

What else? Oh yeah, I’m kind of loving the gift that I gave DB for Valentine’s day. I’m not a big V-day person, but I saw this on Pinterest a few months ago and feel like it pretty much hits the nail on the head. I don’t LOVE the frame, but in the interest of time I went with it and will try to properly frame it somewhere down the road. If you’d like to buy one of these prints for yourself (in a state of your choosing), you can do so here.

Vday present

Sorry for the glare, it is a picture of New York that reads: “I’m so happy we both showed up here”

DB sent me these which are still alive and kicking, and also happen to smell amazing.

V day flowers

Also, thanks to my parents and their perseverance, we managed to assemble a headboard that I’ve owned for going on five years now, but never had the pleasure of actually using. Long story short, when I moved into my 2nd NYC apartment, I ordered the Pottery Barn headboard to go along with my new Pottery Barn bed, but because NYC is a crazy and ridiculous place, the headboard couldn’t actually fit up the stairs. Never one to easily accept defeat, my dear mother persisted on  in the name of monogrammed headboards and had one MADE with detachable legs, but by the time we got around to that I was officially moving apartments again and then there was some issue that I can’t even remember, so the headboard saga trudged on. My able-engineering father (with helpful input from Mom) rigged it so that it is functional, usable and all is right with the world again. Aren’t you so relieved that this is ONE less thing you have to worry about now? I know I am.


As you can see, Henry was thrilled with the addition of the headboard. Just thrilled.

Welp, I think that pretty much does it for the randomness I can come up with on this rainy Friday afternoon. Hope you all enjoy your weekends!