Recently turned 30 and returned home (Atlanta) after a glorious five-year run in New York City. After a year of long distance, DB (aka man of my dreams) closed his NYC chapter too and made the move to Atlanta (a Baton Rouge boy from the start, he’s glad to be back South). We are living the dream, happy as clams. We got engaged in September of 2013 and are currently planning our August 2014 wedding! I’m terrible at math,  but work in finance (go figure). If it sparkles, I’ll likely buy it. Like to cook,  don’t do it enough. Wine is usually the answer regardless of the question. College sports are my jam, professional ones not so much (with the exception of golf). Strongly believe that you can never have too many shoes. Trying to be a “saver” vs. a “spender”. Crazy about patterns and texture, particularly when it comes to home decor. Slightly sarcastic. Family and friends mean the world to me. “Dog parent” to the greatest dog in the world, Henry the Norwich Terrier.


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