And now to the planning…

I allowed myself to enjoy the post-engagement haze for about, oh, three seconds, before jumping head-first into planning. I’ve come to realize that I like planning (as in parties), but not logistics (as in execution). I was excited to get the wedding show on the road and figured there was no time like the present. The venue choice was an easy one for us, as I already knew the church and country club where we would be holding the ceremony and reception, respectively, so the Monday after we got engaged I figured I would put some calls in to see what was available. Good thing I did because apparently the answer to that question was….well, uh, pretty much nothing is available on your preferred dates.

Growing up in HOTlanta, if you will, I never dreamt of a summertime wedding because I didn’t envision myself melting into a puddle of tulle and taffeta. Those concerns went out the window, however, when our choice venues had nothing but Memorial Day available in May, nothing available in June, only July 5th available in July, and essentially nothing in September or October, either. Guess what was WIDE open….AUGUST. So, August 9th it is. Sure, it isn’t the late Spring/early Fall wedding I THOUGHT I wanted, but now that the wheels are in motion…I’m EXCITED for that date. Nothing will be held outside (unless we have an unseasonably cool August day, in which case guests will be able to mull about on the patio during cocktail hour), so that will hopefully keep the melty-ness (not a word, I just made it one) to a minimum. We will make it work and I’m so excited for it because now our wedding date is a real thing and that makes me very happy. Even more significant, August 9th is the day after Dan’s parents anniversary (August 8th), so it will be nice to kick off our wedding weekend by celebrating one of the two wonderful marriages that serve as our model for what a meaningful and lasting marriage should be.

My Mom and I have been super efficient with checking things off our list: venues (check), wedding planner (check), photographer (check). band (check). Oh yeah, and I also found THE dress, which was one of the easier decisions I’ve made thus far. I went with my Mom and close family friend just to “check things out”, but had seen a dress a few months back that I just hadn’t been able to get out of my head. I tried on about six other dresses before trying the one I had been drooling over via the interwebs for months. As soon as I put it on, all of the other contenders were completely null and void. It felt right and so I went with it. The entire process took about an hour. Signed, sealed, delivered.

We’ve gotten a lot of the big stuff out of the way, but now I’m getting to the difficult part of picking out elements that will contribute to the overall look and feel of the day. I know I want traditional, but with a sophisticated twist (is that even a thing?) I know I want the palette to be generally neutral and soft, but with some punches of color. I thought I was leaning towards a neutral palette of pinks/whites/golds/cream, but recently I’ve started toying with the idea of a lavender grey thrown in there somehow, with some other accent colors entirely. This part is where Pinterest is NOT your friend because, quite frankly, there are too many damn choices. I’m going to try to tackle bridesmaid dresses in the coming weeks, which I feel will kind of determine the color path I choose. Hopefully when I see the dresses and colors up close and personal, a clear winner will emerge. Mostly, I can’t believe I’m actually sitting here borderline agonizing over something as ridiculous sounding as “color palettes”. I’m going to make a promise to myself to relax and go with the flow. It isn’t like this is the first wedding ever in the history of man, so we aren’t trying to re-create the wheel over here. I just want the entire day to be fun, full of love and so very happy. Ultimately, the color palette won’t make or break the day, and I’m trying to keep that simple fact as a focal point to maintain some perspective.

Does anyone have any tips for the wedding planning process? Please send any advice my way! It would be much appreciated.

Happy Halloween!!


One thought on “And now to the planning…

  1. I did my entire wedding sans Pinterest. Do NOT feel the pressure to have it live up to those perfect pictures! I stuck with hard paper copies of Real Simple Weddings and Martha Stewart Weddings. They’re classics for a reason. MS is really helpful with color inspiration if you want to look there for some ideas.

    SO thrilled for you!! xx

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