Weekend in Grandfather Mtn.

Two weekends ago we traveled to the gorgeous NC mountains. Our friends R & L were kind enough to host a group of us and we had a blast. We drove up late Friday afternoon and got it around 11 pm, so we were pretty beat. The next day the boys played golf and we intended to go on a hike, but the weather looked a little ominous, so we held off. I’m glad we did because we were able to do the hike the next day with the entire group, which was a lot of fun. While the boys played golf, we did a lot of exploring of the grounds of Grandfather Mountain Country Club. I loved being able to just catch up/hang out with two of my closest friends. Saturday night we went for dinner at the country club, which was really delicious. After dinner we hung out on this beautiful porch that overlooks the grounds. Great company, cocktails, a wrap-around porch, and even a fire going in the outdoor fireplace…what more could you ask for? On Sunday we motivated and hiked Grandfather Mountain itself, which was absolutely gorgeous. I am so glad we did it! The whole weekend was exactly what I needed…relaxing and fun at the same time. I was so sad to leave because it reminded me of how much I loved our weekends together when we were all living in the same city. There were several key players from the NYC days that weren’t in attendance this past weekend, but I guess that means we just need to plan another reunion trip for this Fall!

GM 1

Reunited and it feels so good…

GM 2

Country Clubbing…

GM 3

Three peas in a pod

GM 4

Handsome gentsGM 5

GM 6

Our hosts for the weekend…

GM 7


GM 9


GM 10

Pensive thoughts on how sporty I am (not)

GM 8



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