A year full of surprises…

Well, surprise parties at least! You’ll recall that back in April, I threw a surprise weekend/party for Dan to celebrate his 33rd birthday and permanent move to Atlanta. We are all about surprise parties this year because this past Saturday we hosted a surprise party for my brother’s birthday…thrown by myself, my parents and my brother’s amazingly wonderful girlfriend. We had SUCH a blast putting it all together and the birthday boy had zero clue that forty of his nearest and dearest were conspiring against him. I always love the debrief post-surprise when the surprised person starts connecting the dots relative to all the white lies and odd behavior of those around him/her for the past few weeks.

This was the first party thrown at the new house which is an absolutely wonderful party house. We knew that it would be a stretch to host when we started planning the party since we were targeting a July 1 move date. Luckily, we were able to move into the new place a few weeks earlier and knowing the party was right around the corner was a GREAT motivation for getting everything relatively settled.

One of these days I’m going to be one of those people that hosts a party at my house and has everything completely READY (including myself) hours before guests begin to arrive. As it stands, I was literally getting into the shower at 6:30 pm as the first guests were arriving. The fact that I was only about 30 minutes late to the party I was hosting is actually pretty impressive given that I was still standing in Home Depot buying citronella candles at 5:30 pm…with none of the flowers arranged, ice purchased, or appetizers prepared. Because I am always banking the turns…I’ve never actually gotten any decent pictures of a complete party set-up. I hope to change this going forward.

Here are a few that I got…

Alan Party 3

This is what he saw when he walked into the room…everyone was below (the house is a split-level)…My Mom got that awesome banner above the dessert table made with pictures over the years…I thought it turned out so great.

Alan Party 2

Closer look of the banner/dessert table!

Alan Party 1

The patio/bar…


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