Oh right…the blog…

Boy do I have a lot to catch you up on! It has been such a busy few…errr…months? since my last post! Last we spoke, I was headed to paradise with some girlfriends for Memorial Day and the trip certainly did not disappoint. My friend L’s parents were kind enough to invite us down for the weekend and we had such a blast. Her parents more than succeeded in the task of keeping our group fed and entertained  the entire time we were there, which is no small feat mind you. It is hard to pick out a favorite part of the trip. We spent each day out on the boat taking in the gorgeous scenery around us, tooling around in the boat, and even got to do some spear fishing! There is nothing quite like catching your own dinner, we all felt very “one” with nature. Living off the land, if you will (in our luxury boat/sleeping in our gorgeous air conditioned condo…my kind of nature bonding session for sure). In the afternoons we would post up on a deserted island with other boats/friends of L’s parents, sip some superchargers (made by drinking a little bit of a Corona, pour in Bacardi Limon, flip upside down to mix) and marveling at how awesome our lives are. It was so nice to be completely off the grid, enjoying the company of wonderful friends. It was a incredibly hard to return back to reality once the trip was over.

I got back from my trip and things have been a bit of a whirlwind. We moved to a fabulous new house that I absolutely adore. It is in a really fun neighborhood, walking distance to fun restaurants and bars. It is also down the street from two of our good friends and around the corner from several others. So convenient! It is so nice having space and a yard and we are having a lot of fun making the place feel like a “home”.

In the past month DB has also returned to the workforce! You’ll recall that he left his job in NYC back in March. He had a much needed and well-deserved break from the daily grind (read: he played a LOT of golf), but has now landed a job that is a great fit for him here in Atlanta! He is only a few weeks in, but he seems to really enjoy the new gig and that makes me VERY happy for him.

Even though he moved in April, finding this house and having him return to the working world has solidified the fact that he is REALLY here in Atlanta for good. For the first time since I moved here (over a year ago…my how time flies), I actually feel settled. No more long distance or shuttling back and forth between cities. It is a really nice feeling to just BE where you are.

That about does it for me on the update! Hopefully I’ll have some house pictures to share soon!

In the meantime, here are a few select pictures from our Memorial Weekend in paradise…

Bahamas 6

Our ride for the weekend…”May Way Too”…

Bahamas 3


Bahamas 5

More boating…

Bahamas 4

Deserted Beaching…

Bahamas 1

A lobster’s worst nightmare…

Bahamas 8

Starfish! And how incredible is that water?

Bahamas 2

Sunset cruising…





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