Sea Island 2013

A few weekends ago, some NYC friends ventured down South for a weekend at Sea Island, so we drove down to meet them. As a side note, it was so nice to actually be able to DRIVE somewhere on trip vs. fly. We had such an amazing weekend. It was a really fun crew and the cottage we stayed in was incredible. Girly side note, the decor for the place was absolutely perfect. It was a dream house, for sure.

Sea Island is SUCH a special place. If you have been, then you definitely know what I am talking about. If you haven’t been, then just picture everything that is wonderful and unique about the South/Southern culture, add to that breathtaking scenery and beauty as far as the eye can see, layer on top of THAT the serenity and peace that one associates with any beach…and you have that one-of-a-kind magic that is Sea Island. The staff and people of Sea Island take the most exceptional care in making sure your experience is beyond perfect.  I can’t really put my finger on it (and I realize how cheesy and ridiculous this sounds), but the place just kind of works its way into your soul when you are there and stays with you long after you have left the gates. I can’t wait until our next visit.

Below are several photos from our trip! Also, we ventured off the property for dinner on Saturday night (no need to do so, as Sea Island has several amazing restaurant options), but it was definitely fun to try something new. I would highly recommend Halyard’s if you find yourself in the Sea Island/St. Simons area. If you go there, definitely order the tuna tartare.

Sea Island 2

Poolside during the day sipping on my favorite Sea Island cocktail…Transfusions (vodka, grape juice and ginger ale)


Sea Island 1

The crew in the Cloister lobby post-dinner at Halyard’s on Saturday night! The boys stopped off for cigars at the “cigar lounge”, which is next to the River Bar.

Sea Island 7

Sunset at the Lodge…highly recommend taking cocktail hour at the Lodge one night, complete with a bag piper and s’mores by one of the fire pits!

Sea Island 11

Sunset, Cocktails and S’mores…so basically Nirvana

Sea Island 13

Handsome dudes

Some pics of the AMAZING cottage we stayed in for the weekend thanks to the parents of our wonderful hostess, TB…

Sea Island 10

Digs for the weekend

Sea Island 4

View from upstairs (and a pic of our friend, A)

Sea Island 6

Backyard, which also had an adorable sitting area to the left of the lounge chair I took this picture from which I failed to take a picture of…


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