Gone to this place…

It is quite possible that I’ll be back never. Happy Memorial Day! Though it is the official start of summer, let’s not forget the true significance and meaning behind the day. God bless our fallen heroes and their families. Never forget the sacrifice they willingly made so that we can live as free and proud […]

Sea Island 2013

A few weekends ago, some NYC friends ventured down South for a weekend at Sea Island, so we drove down to meet them. As a side note, it was so nice to actually be able to DRIVE somewhere on trip vs. fly. We had such an amazing weekend. It was a really fun crew and […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mother’s out there, but particularly to the very special one that I’m so very fortunate to call my own. Words can’t describe how much she means to me. She is my biggest cheerleader, my harsh dose of reality (when I need it), my comforting reassurance, my favorite shopping […]

Maybe Someday

Do you ever feel like you are living life in a perpetual state of “maybe someday”? As in, “maybe someday I’ll do this…maybe someday I’ll do that…” Maybe someday I’ll post more regularly to this, my little corner of the internets. Until that day, the sporadic posts of present day will have to do. Things […]