Catch Up

Man, I’m way behind on this whole “trying to post more regularly” thing. Apologies. I guess work has been busy and I’ve just been doing my thing. The days pretty much feel like Groundhog day, but not in a negative sense. Wake up, Crossfit, fix a healthy breakfast, work for hours on end, home, bed. […]

Holidays 2012

The holidays…I just love them. December was jam-packed from start to finish and I loved every single second of it. Thanks to work and other factors, I pretty much spent the entire month in NYC, which I certainly wasn’t complaining about. The only weekend that I actually did spend in Atlanta, I spent marching in […]

Thanksgiving 2012

Another “this happened and I’d like to document as best I can” post. Feel free to skip entirely…. Ahhh Thanksgiving 2012. Gives me a smile just thinking about. I guess you could say that “we” hosted Thanksgiving this year, as both of our families (minus my sister and DB’s brother/sister-in-law) traveled to NYC for a […]