Fall 2012

Yep, another post recording life’s happenings during the time period when I went rogue on the blogging. I’ll try to make it a shorter recap than the Summer 2012 version. Future, nostalgic me really appreciates your patience while I document. Fall of 2012 was full of (you guessed it) more travel! I spent several weeks/weekends […]

Summer 2012

So, in full disclosure… I’m writing this post for my own purposes! I just want to try to record details so I don’t forget one of these days when I lose my mind… After I moved in May, I immediately got into the routine that would become my normalcy for the next several months….work, pack, […]

Family Wedding

Off to a family wedding this weekend! Very excited to spend some time on the dance floor with my man (DB), my parents, my brother and my wonderful extended family…and also celebrate a fantastic couple! We will be missing my sister who couldn’t make the trip from the West Coast thanks to work conflicts…major bummer. […]

Reflections on Leaving New York

So, in May 2012 I got my dream job, moved back to my hometown, and started a long distance relationship with my boyfriend (still living in NYC). I packed up my 425 sq ft apartment (slight fabrication…the moving company actually packed it while I watched) and changed the old Facebook “Current City” from “New York” […]

I’m Back

Well, I’m back…going to dip my toe in the water of the blog pool once again. Some of you may remember me from my old blog….”Milltini Straight Up, with a Twist“.¬†Somewhere along the line, I dropped the ball and lost the domain name I used to have. The layout got all messed up, the pictures […]